Gerard G Esposito

I am an Aeronautical Engineer by degree’s. I was involved with building and designing custom pistols since 1986. I have taken my education and knowledge of engineering and applied it to building guns. I considered a gun as a Swiss Made Watch. The problem has always been, that a Swiss made watch will not function unless it is maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

I do build those Swiss watch caliber guns, that will function in dirt, humidity and in weathered conditions.. I have taken great pride in transforming a simple weapon and making it into a piece of precision equipment.

I ask that those who need a weapon, that can function as a 1911 government issue gun, but perform as a Swiss watch, put their trust in Esposito’s Custom Guns. I will create a instrument of power, that can be relied upon, in any condition you throw at it.

We are now doing trigger work for CZ firearms. Call us for information.