Esposito’s Custom Guns

I am an Aeronautical Engineer by degrees. I was involved with building and designing custom pistols since 1986. I have taken my education and knowledge of engineering and applied it to building guns. I considered a gun as a Swiss Made Watch. The problem has always been, that a Swiss-made watch will not function unless it is maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

I do build those Swiss watch caliber guns, that will function in dirt, humidity, and weathered conditions.. I have taken great pride in transforming a simple weapon and making it into a piece of precision equipment. I ask that those who need a weapon, that can function as a 1911 government-issue gun, but perform like a Swiss watch, put their trust in Esposito’s Custom Guns. I will create an instrument of power, that can be relied upon, in any condition you throw at it.

I have expanded to building Glocks and Sig Sauer. Although I like simplistic guns with the least moving parts, I did include Sig Sauer, although complicated, I like the P320.

Gerard Esposito

I am a Aeronautical Engineer, hired by some of the best gun designers during the 1980’s.  I worked in gun design from 1986 to 1989, teaching gun designers how to apply aerospace tolerances to competition guns.


We take the best, most heavily researched parts and make them better.  I create the best functioning pistols and rifles for competition use.

Specialties include Glock & Colt 1911, in any caliber, custom built AR15 style rifles in 223 and AR10 7.62/308 calibers.  We also do trigger work on CZ firearms for defense or competition.


CZ Pistol Trigger Work

We are now doing trigger work on CZ firearms. Most of these pistols have a great accuracy built-in right from the factory. Manufacturers tend to induce resistance in trigger pull mainly for safety. If you wish to have a better trigger pull or are using the weapon for competitions, we can improve the trigger pull …